Best practices

On this page you can find best practices of companies that made significant efforts to reduce or prevent CSR risks in their supply chains. Get inspired! If you know a company that should be in this list, please us let know by submitting the contact form.

How Schijvens is working towards fair and transparent supply chains

Supply chain responsibility. For many textile companies with production across borders it is a big challenge, how do you tackle this and take responsibility for your product as a company, without shifting everything to your international suppliers? We asked Jeske van Korven and Trix van Halder, both responsible for CSR at Schijvens Corporate Fashion.

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Wakuli brings change to the coffee industry

The mission of Wakuli is to shake up the coffee industry. The company is committed to fair prices for coffee farmers and even derives its name from the word for farmers in the Swahili language (wakulima). Wakuli is also dedicated to sustainability and is exploring how their Brazilian production partner can switch to regenerative production methods.

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This company makes sustainable touchscreens

Electronics and responsible manufacturing do not always seem to be a fortunate combination. The production of phones puts high pressure on the environment, along with associated risks to workers' health and wellbeing. For instance, extracting raw materials in mines can be dangerous. Likewise, stories of toxic chemicals in the production of phone screens are well-known.

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