The CSR Risk Check was developed by and is owned by MVO Nederland. The tool is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and technical assistance is provided by Shopworks. The German version of the CSR Risk Check is funded by the Helpdesk on Business & Human Rights at the Agency for Business & Economic Development.

About MVO Nederland & International CSR

MVO Nederland is the movement of entrepreneurs in the new economy. We form a network of partners that innovate and implement together to achieve the new economy. Because only in the new, future-proof economy can entrepreneurs continue to do business. That is why achieving it is our goal. 

Together with MVO Nederland, entrepreneurs take a share in the new economy and thus make their companies future-proof, based on the seven themes of the new economy: new wealth, circular economy, biodiversity, real prices, inclusive business, green energy and transparent chains. In addition, we create the right conditions for sustainable entrepreneurs through advocacy with governments and financiers. In the Netherlands and Europe.

Our goal will be achieved when twenty per cent of the economy is transformed into the new economy. We aim to reach that turning point in 2025. We will achieve this even faster if we make our movement as big as possible. 

The CSR Risk Check

The Dutch government expects international operating companies to implement corporate social responsibility (CSR). The basic principles in this context are the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. These involves assessing the CSR risks you are likely to encounter in your business activities, such as during procurement/imports, in your production abroad or when exporting your products. Risks may occur in relation to working conditions, the environment and corruption, for instance. Besides seeking risk transparency, you are expected to take measures to mitigate the risks you have identified. The CSR Risk Check is a useful CSR risk assessment tool, giving you an overview of the issues you may encounter in your organisation or company, including earlier on in the production chain. The CSR Risk Check is easy to use and will instantly give you a list of possible issues for each country and/or product in the form of a risk assessment.

Collaboration Partners

MVO Nederland teams up with knowledge partners to identify sources of risks, formulate advice and verify information. Over the years, we have collaborated with (amongst others): CNV International, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, ICCO Cooperation, SOMO and the Water Footprint Network (WFN). For the German version of the tool, we collaborate with UPJ e.V. and the Helpdesk on Business & Human Rights. In this collaboration the Business & Human Rights Navigator is a useful source showing how companies perform risk management. MVO Nederland is the legal owner of the CSR Risk Check and is solely responsible for collecting and processing data. Read more about this in our privacy statement.


If you have any questions about the CSR Risk Check or about International CSR, please fill in this contact form.