The CSR Risk Check is developed and owned by MVO Nederland. The tool is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and technical assistance is provided by Shopworks. The German version of the CSR Risk Check is funded by the NAP Helpdesk on Business and Human Rights located at the Agency for Business & Economic Development.

About MVO Nederland & International CSR

MVO Nederland is the Netherlands' national knowledge hub and networking organisation for corporate social responsibility (CSR). Going by our motto of ‘changing together,’ we inspire, connect and strengthen affiliated companies and industry organisations in their process of evolving towards sustainable operations. As a partner of MVO Nederland, the numerous events and networking sessions we organise, while our range of practical tools will help you put CSR into practice. Visit our website for a full list of the benefits of partnering with MVO Nederland (in Dutch), as well as further information about our activities in various areas of CSR, such as International CSR (ICSR). More specific information is available on the Dutch version of the website.

The CSR Risk Check

The Dutch government expects internationally operating companies to implement corporate social responsibility (CSR). The basic principles in this context are the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises. This involves you assessing which CSR risks you are likely to encounter in your business activities, such as during procurement/imports, in your production abroad, or when exporting your products. Risks may occur in relation to working conditions, the environment and corruption, for instance. Besides seeking risk transparency, you are expected to take measures to mitigate the risks you have identified. The CSR Risk Check is a useful CSR risk assessment tool, giving you an overview of the issues you may encounter in your organisation or company, including earlier on in the production chain. The risk check is easy to use and will instantly give you a list of possible issues for each country and/or product in the form of a risk assessment.

Collaboration Partners

MVO Nederland teams up with knowledge partners in finding sources on risks, formulating advice and verifying information. Over the years, we have (amongst others) collaborated with: CNV International, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, ICCO Cooperation, SOMO, and the Water Footprint Network (WFN). For the German version of the tool, we collaborate with UPJ e.V..


If you have any questions about the CSR Risk Check or about International CSR, please email us at