ROADMAP TO get started with due diligence

Customers, governments and civil society organisations expect companies to do business with respect for people and planet. Internationally this is laid down in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Companies are required to identify, prevent and reduce csr risks in their supply chain, both upstream and downstream. This is also called 'due diligence' or 'csr risk management'.

How to implement due diligence?

To meet the upcoming due diligence legislation, you integrate it throughout your organisation: your management systems, policies, and procedures. And that is not easy. That is why in this 'Getting started with due diligence' MVO Netherlands lays out how to approach due diligence step by step.

Download the roadmap 'Getting started with Due Diligence'


Understanding and implementing corporate responsibility through a compass made by the Helpdesk Business & Human Rights.

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This is how to get started

You can take immediate action through the steps below. Would you like to read more information first? Read here how to best get started.

1 .

Fill out the CSR Risk Check

Start this (short) check and find out which international CSR risks your business activities are exposed to and what you can do to manage them

Start the CSR Risk Check
2 .

Define your priorities

The Priority Check compares different supply chains, with the goal of indicating which supply chain (or which part of your chain) is the best place to start to address CSR risks.

Start the Quick Check Priorities
3 .

Work on due diligence

Download our roadmap and learn how to approach due diligence step by step. The goal: adjust your internal policies and procedures to ensure that you do business with respect for people and the environment.

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4 .

Check progress with the checklist

Use this interactive checklist to further increase your influence in your supply chain. The checklist will help you learn how to take targeted action to influence the CSR performance of your suppliers.

Start the checklist

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