CSR Risk Check

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Who should use the CSR Risk Check?

The CSR Risk Check is aimed at entrepreneurs who purchase internationally produced products, export products or produce abroad

Your company:
- purchases products or services through a agent or directly from a manufacturer or supplier, and/or
- exports products or services, and/or
- produces or offers services abroad (or invests in production locations abroad).

After taking this (short) test you will know which international CSR risks your trade activities carry, and what you can do to mitigate these risks.


Why this check?

Do your customers ask questions about the origin of your products or services?

Do you know how the products or services you purchase abroad are accomplished? The CSR Risk Check helps you to gain insight in potential CSR risks in your supply chain and to identify mitigating measures.

Do you export goods, or are you planning to do so in the near future?

The CSR Risk Check makes you aware of potential risks when exporting to specific countries. Useful for yourself and your trade relations. You carry out a (free) CSR risk analysis yourself. Information gathered through this webtool can also be used when applying for government grants.

Do you have production or service locations abroad?

Insight into potential risks in the country of production offers you the opportunity to anticipate in timely fashion. It allows you to simultaneously cut costs, improve quality and explore new markets.


Do you have any questions regarding the risks identified or the advice? Or do you have trouble finding information? Please contact us at csrriskcheck@mvonederland.nl. The CSR Risk Check team will take it up.

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